Bye Bye Birdie

Today I had frost on my windshield and I looked back on the past few months, with a wistful longing.

These Canada geese return each year to nest and raise their goslings in our backyard.  I think they are pretty amazing to watch.  They mate for life as a rule but will take a new mate if one dies and they can live up to 30 years, forming strong family bonds. The gander and goose take turns standing guard while the others feed off of green grasses and grains.  They are primarily herbivores.

I try to remind my husband of this as he grabs a shovel and bucket to clean up after them.  I’d venture to say he isn’t as impressed with them as I am.


We watch as individual personalities develop.  The goslings always seem to have one rebel in the bunch.

The ducks get along well with the geese and don’t seem to mind sharing the same grassy knoll.


These Pelicans were just passing through however.DSCF2560


This year a Robin decided to use our outdoor speaker as a ledge for its very messy nest. The robinettes (what does one call baby robins) are visible as they await feeding time.


We have a couple of rabbits that also call our yard home.



The colours of autumn and the crisp morning air prompt flocks of geese to prepare for a long migratory flight south.


It’s not long before they’ve streaked across the sky in their familiar V pattern, leaving us with an empty pond and a lonely sky.  Bye Bye Birdie.


Now, I struggle with what’s ahead.

Goodbye Summer.

Winter don’t rush…last years memories of you are still very fresh!