How I spent my summer vacation. (Queen + Adam Lambert, Fun Runs, Horses & Season Finales)

I awoke to a skiff of snow on my car.  It will be a brief appearance only to remind us that winter is coming.

Yes, it will melt and the days will warm again for a time,

but…Summer is over.  

Since I work at a university this is always marked by students returning. The new ones always look so excited and hopeful.  They haven’t yet cracked a book to study so anything and everything is possible (come December their look will be bleaker, caffeine riddled and hollow-eyed as they cram for exams) but this past week they were busy meeting new study buddies and checking out fraternities and favourite hangouts.

My grandson also started his first day of grade 1.  He was terrified until he met his new teacher, then he smiled from ear to ear in his new school duds, sporting his new shoes and shiny backpack.  Memories of my own back-to-school days reminded me that a common first assignment was to write about our summer vacation.  I hated that because I lived on a farm and every day was the same as the next.  Play, chores, sleep, play, chores, sleep. (yeah, I know, tough life)  As a child nothing seemed to be anything exciting to write about.  Chasing squirrels and catching snakes never seemed that thrilling to me.  

So in keeping with back-to-school, I am going to write about how I spent my summer vacation. Only, I will be doing it as a photo journal since a picture’s worth a thousand words. However, if I posted every photo in one sitting it would be the equivalent of War and Peace. Therefore, I will make this a three part sequel.  

Sit back, grab a coffee and browse some pics, after all, winter is coming.

Part 1.

Probably the highlight of my summer was attending three Queen concerts with Adam Lambert stepping into the formidable shoes of Freddie Mercury. They played 35 shows plus a preview show: across Canada, United States, Korea, Japan, Australia & New Zealand in 81 days, selling out many arenas including Madison Square Gardens. Their final show was in New Zealand on Sept. 4.

Here are a few previously unpublished photos of my concert adventures. The following pics are in no particular order but illustrate their Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver gigs. (All the photos and videos featured in this blog are my own.) 

IMG_1475 IMG_1559 IMG_1562 IMG_1587 IMG_1632 IMG_1690 IMG_1692 IMG_1699 IMG_1947 IMG_2135

I have published this one before but they are having so much fun it's worth repeating!

I have published this one before but they are having so much fun it’s worth repeating!

IMG_2303 IMG_2305 IMG_2442 IMG_2443 IMG_2457 IMG_2468



IMG_2549 IMG_2571 IMG_2645 IMG_2653

Take that bow.Taking their encore bows.

Vancouver after the show.

Vancouver after the show.

City lights

City lights

A final toast to a fabulous tour.

A final toast to a fabulous tour.

  Although the Queen + Adam Lambert tour has wrapped up for now, Brian May has hinted that future shows are not out of the question.  In the meantime, Queen will be busy with other projects which include releasing some previously  unreleased tracks featuring Freddie Mercury and perhaps Michael Jackson.  

Adam Lambert is also heading back into the studio to finish up his third album, of which his fans (myself included) are eagerly awaiting. 

Tomorrow, part 2, Color-Me-Rad

Queen + Adam Lambert, The Tale of Three Cities, part 3.

Before I start on my Vancouver highlights I just want to add a few more snaps from Calgary.  A word of advice to those of you that are planning on following Queen and Adam for more than one show- take a laptop with you.  I had my iphone and iPad with me but found it cumbersome to look through the over 500 photos that were taken.  Now that I am back home, with my iMac, and no this is not an Apple commercial- I have been better able to peruse the photos and have posted some new ones below.

IMG_1862 IMG_1902 IMG_1903 IMG_1912 IMG_1918 IMG_1934 IMG_1957 IMG_1964 IMG_2305 IMG_2075 IMG_2096 IMG_2098 IMG_2099 IMG_2102 IMG_2104 IMG_2115 IMG_2116 IMG_2123 IMG_2124 IMG_2127 IMG_2128 IMG_2138 IMG_2140 IMG_2151 IMG_2162 IMG_2163 IMG_2173 IMG_2240 IMG_2243 IMG_2263

And that wraps up my photo journal for Calgary.  Now on to part 3:

Vancouver, BC.  June 28th, Rogers Arena

I was fortunate to have rented a condo directly across the street from the arena and had convinced my good friend, Jody, to come with me. She is a huge Queen fan but, thanks to my small obsession, was also familiar with Adam Lambert. And since I had dragged her all the way to Phoenix, Arizona in 2012 to see Adam perform live, she was fairly certain that he could, in his own style, handle the difficult role that Mr. Mercury’s music presented.  I am not even going to repeat the obvious here- that every blogger and journalist feel the need to state, there is only one, yadda, yadda, yadda.  No shit.  We were there for the music of Queen and the charismatic performance of Adam Lambert (with his own fierce vocal range), as were the hordes of other concert goers.

Although it had been pouring rain, for most of the day, the skies were clear and the sun was smiling warm on the long lineups waiting to get into the arena.  The concert appeared to be sold out.  Instead of selling tickets people were calling out to see who had tickets to buy.  This was further confirmed once in the arena.  It was full to the rafters, not a single seat was open around me.  We had upgraded our tickets to the 2nd row, seat 1 and 2 and were positioned left of stage centre.  Wonderful seats for live viewing but not necessarily great for photos without a proper lens due to the angle and lighting.

While the enthusiastic fella behind me was busy explaining the virtues of Mr. Lambert to his buds, strident Queen fans were the dominant force.  Directly in front of me was an especially passionate Queen fan.  He had seen Queen in Vancouver twice previously- 1978 and 1980.  He not only knew every song but also the album they were first recorded on, in addition, to Freddie’s solo work.  It was like getting a Queen history lesson.  He was a lovely man with a generous spirit.  I asked what he thought of Adam Lambert and he said although he wasn’t familar with him he trusted Brian May and Roger Taylor’s judgement.  I figured it would be interesting to see what his opinions were after the show.

There was excitement and the energy was palpable.  As Adam sang the first notes of ‘Now I’m Here’ (written by Brian May) the crowd gasped and needed no further convincing.  They were on their feet- standing, dancing and singing.  The curtain lifted the crowd roared and my final night began.  I would need to soak in every minute.  Later in the evening as Brian May was about to sing ‘Love of My Life’ he encouraged the crowd to singalong if they knew the words.  Well the arena came to life as everyone sang in harmony. (I’m no singer so I listened) Vancouver has some seriously good voices.  Even Brian looked surprised.  When a visual of Freddie appeared on the screen, to sing the final lines, it prompted a woman behind me to sob.

Yup, Queen does that to folks.

Later, after a rousing drum solo and duel between Roger and his son, Rufus; Adam Lambert once again strutted the stage to join Roger to sing ‘Under Pressure’ and EVERYONE was into it.

My friend, Jody said it was the best concert she’s ever been to.  This was a common refrain heard around me.  The ardent fan with the Queen history lesson even let me jump up to front row so I could take some pics.  He was impressed with Adam and loving the show but was very disappointed that ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ got dropped from the setlist for Vancouver.  Not sure why they cut that short, perhaps they were running over.  I also noticed that there didn’t seem to be as much interaction with the VIPers as in the previous two shows.  But overall the show was brilliant and Adam was phenomenal.  Personal highlights for me, were Fat Bottomed Girls, I Want it All, Somebody to Love, Crazy Little Thing Called Love and my favourites- Love Kills and Who Wants to Live Forever -which Adam soars on.

So before my final set of photos for Vancouver, here are my final takes on the three cities:  Keep in mind that these observations are influenced by my vantage points. Your experience may very well be quite different than mine but rest assured, you will be thoroughly entertained by Queen and Adam Lambert.

Loudest Crowd- Edmonton – also only city where I saw the wave done.  (Mexican wave someone called it, news to me, but some believe that the wave was actually created in Edmonton during sporting events back in the 70’s.)

Most Cowboy Hats- Calgary – Even Brian May got into the act, putting one on for his solo.  Calgary gave the love for sure.

Best Singalong- Vancouver- It sounded amazing.

Now down to business, here is the final set of photos from my little adventure.    Enjoy.

IMG_2354 IMG_2369 IMG_2376 IMG_2389 IMG_2458 IMG_2459 IMG_2462 IMG_2463 IMG_2466 IMG_2477 IMG_2479 IMG_2481 IMG_2486 IMG_2511 IMG_2531 IMG_2533 IMG_2534 IMG_2540 IMG_2542 IMG_2555 IMG_2556

the end for now…


Queen + Adam Lambert, The Tale of Three Cities, part 2.

Calgary, Alberta

The trip to Calgary was filled with delicious anticipation. I had bit the bullet and decided to go for broke and bought an OnStage ticket. I really wanted to get a different perspective and figured this would do it.  The OnStage package included all the bits and bobs that come with VIP packages (T Shirt, souvenir ticket, ect.) with the exception of also sitting on stage and receiving a backstage tour.

Our tour guide, Andy, a carpenter by trade, had the job of building everything that was needed for the massive stage production, which included set up, take down and obvious other tasks (such as tour guide, lol) and apparently that massive metal Q was damn heavy.  He, along with 44 other stage crew would be with Queen throughout their tour, which, so far, is set to finish in Australia.  For the North American leg the crew travels about in one of 13 buses. However, Roger, Brian and Adam (and likely the rest of their band and entourage) fly from venue to venue, usually leaving from the concert to go directly to the airport and rest assured, they do not fly commercial.

Andy showed us around and introduced us to several members of the crew. They were all a lively bunch and seemed to love their jobs- who wouldn’t?!  I found out that the big screen used on stage has a million pixels. Also learned, that some of the guitars Brian May travels with are the same ones he used from the early days. Andy also remarked on Dr. Brian May’s great intellect and how England should be knighting him any day now.

Andy had great praise for Roger, Brian and Adam saying that they are friendly and great fun to work for and often take the time to greet or chat with the crew.

Finally we were shown to the VIP pit and warned that there would be absolutely “no touching the performers”, what? damn!

The VIP pit was situated on the left of the stage beside a ‘screamer’, which is what they call the metal steps that jut up and off the stage on both sides (a performer runs up them and the crowd screams, hence the name).  There were 10 of us and I sat in front, next to one of the screamers.  The pics from this view would mean taking a lot of side shots but the live views would be incredible as Adam’s water station was beside the pit. Most of my fellow VIPers were contest winners. (lucky devils)
Only two of this group had personally met Brain and Roger, during a white hat ceremony, a Calgary tradition apparently, where they presented Brian and Roger with white cowboy hats.  They did not meet Adam.  (We had been told prior to our tour that any meetings with the band would be by chance as they were all in their dressing rooms prepping for the show).

Sitting next to me was a lovely, buxom blonde who amply filled her stunning outfit. (this will have relevance a little later).

I realize I might be biased but the Edmonton crowd were louder and more enthused than that of Calgary.  Edmonton had stomped, sang, and cheered for Queen to come out; the noise level filling the air with such excitement that it had showed on the faces of the band when the curtain went up.  As Adam noted on Twitter with a tweet later that night, Edmonton was pumped!

Whereas Calgary’s crowd seemed willing to patiently wait with sporadic hoots and whistles. I asked my lovely new blonde friend if Calgary seemed quiet to her and she commented that they were a rather reserved crowd in comparison to other cities. (Her boyfriend was a musician for a famous performer, so I figured she should know.)

This is not to say that Calgary didn’t go crazy when the curtain finally went up. Adam was in fine form and gave his all. He sang with emotion and the crowd responded. The day off between shows was evident in his vocal acrobatics as he sang more glory notes and runs than he had in Edmonton, where he had performed back to back concerts. (Saskatoon was the night before Edmonton.)

Brian May, Roger Taylor, Neil Fairclough, Spike Edney and Rufus Taylor all came over to us at some point to say hello and we were close enough to touch the face of any one of them but behaved appropriately (under threat of tackle and expulsion by security, hahaha!).  Roger and Taylor were class acts and their touching songs and nostalgic videos of Freddie and them in their youth brought a tear to the eye for many, I’m sure. Brian’s guitar solo although different from Edmonton was equally impressive as were Roger and Rufus’s drum duelling.

Adam also acknowledged us in the pit as he came over to get water- he waved and smiled, yes- there was swooning. HaHa!  During ‘Somebody to Love’ he walked towards myself and my lovely blonde friend, stared right at us and held the mic up to our faces.  If he wanted us to sing, which he did, it wasn’t happening.  He laughed and joked with my lovely buxom blonde friend and said (to paraphrase, as Adam’s language was much more colourful) that with her large bounty, surely the girls could sing.  We erupted in laughter and with that he twirled about and finished the song. After the show Spike shook our hands and Rufus Taylor presented my lovely blonde friend with one of his drumsticks. (apparently she has quite the collection).

Sitting OnStage was a fabulous experience to get up close to the band and I’m really glad I bit that bullet.  Bear in mind the following pics are from the side stage vantage point.  I also took some short video clips but since I am working on an ipad I am having some issues with loading them and will do that when I am back home.  Next stop, part 3- Vancouver!!






Queen + Adam Lambert, The Tale of Three Cities, part 1

I have been a fan of Adam Lambert for a couple of years now ever since a co-worker showed me one of his videos.  I guess you could say I fell down the rabbit hole, as I found myself intrigued with his musical journey towards success.

Of course, if you ask any of my friends they will say I am batshit crazy obsessed…haha, well luckily I only need a fix every other year.  The first time I saw Adam Lambert live was in 2012, while he was on his own tour to promote his album, ‘Trespassing’, in Phoenix, Arizona.  He possessed the ability to really captivate his crowd and thrill his rabid throng of Glamberts.  At the time I considered myself a fan, but maybe not crazy enough to label myself a Glambert.

Fast forward to Sept 2013, in Vegas, at the iHeart festival I watched Queen featuring Adam Lambert’s entire set, transfixed. He nailed the complicated vocals easily. Pass me my Glambert badge.

When Brian May and Roger Taylor announced that they would be embarking on a North American tour with Adam Lambert, I knew I was in.  I was thrilled when they listed the cities that would be hosting them. Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver were on the list and I decided then and there that I would do all three cities.

Edmonton had their turn last night.  It was a warm evening and Rexall Place was full to the rafters. You could feel the anticipation; the arena came alive as the crowd of concert goers started a wave that wrapped the stadium and foot stomped, ‘We will rock you’.  When the lights went down the roar went up as everyone leapt to their feet to the first throbs of ‘Now I’m here’.  The curtain came down and Adam Lambert strutted confidently across the stage.  With Roger Taylor on drums (also accompanied by his son, Rufus) and Brain May on one of his many guitars, Queen came alive.  (albeit Freddie in spirit).  I had a great view in row 2, alongside the thrust and was able to capture several photos.  Old Queen fans were all around me and the lady next to me had flown from Tokyo just to see Brian May. I’ll let the following pictures tell the rest of the story.  Next up, Calgary.


Edmonton, Rexall Place, June 24, 2014


IMG_1498 IMG_1503 IMG_1516 IMG_1517 IMG_1518 IMG_1535 IMG_1620 IMG_1553 IMG_1554 IMG_1561 IMG_1563 IMG_1564 IMG_1581 IMG_1582 IMG_1584 IMG_1589 IMG_1591 IMG_1616 IMG_1636 IMG_1650 IMG_1660 IMG_1666 IMG_1750 IMG_1667 IMG_1673 IMG_1675 IMG_1670 IMG_1671 IMG_1681 IMG_1842 IMG_1845 IMG_1736 IMG_1737 IMG_1695 IMG_1693 IMG_1717 IMG_1701 IMG_1766 IMG_1838 IMG_1837 IMG_1791 IMG_1792 IMG_1794 IMG_1639 IMG_1796 IMG_1809 IMG_1811 IMG_1815 IMG_1828

2013, A look back to an evening with Oprah and friends.

January once again.  2014!!

I remember back when I was a child thinking ahead to the future, I figured the skies would be filled with flying cars by now (which would be silly considering the number of planes in the air at any given moment) and I also imagined, thanks to Star Trek, that we would speak to someone over a phone while seeing their face on a big screen or have televisions that would take up entire walls and Eureka here it is!!  I had envisioned that we would be travelling back and forth to the moon or some other exotic planet for vacations but that’s not likely to happen in this lifetime.  Instead, technology has moved in other directions giving us 2 year olds that can operate a computer before they can speak.  I mean they have cars that can literally park themselves.  Where were they when I was sweating my drivers test back in the 70′s.

But before I get thinking too far ahead I would like to look back on some of the highlights of this past year.

Two evenings in particular stand out.

Both January 21 and January 22 were memorable thanks to Oprah.

Although I was not a regular viewer of the Oprah Winfrey show, its 25 year longevity, meant I was bound to watch it from time to time.  My friend, Dianne, however was a devoted fan of Oprah’s work, whether it was her syndicated television show, book clubs, interview specials or her ‘O’ magazine; Dianne’s favourite mantra was, “well according to Oprah…” followed by whatever new bits of wisdom Oprah had decided to impart to the world.  So…when I found out Oprah was coming to Calgary (only a 3 hour drive from here) I leaped at the chance to surprise her with tickets.  Dianne’s excitement was contagious, I mean as a fan of Oprah’s or not, her power was undeniable and I looked forward to hearing her speak.  Then tickets went on sale here in Edmonton!!  I grabbed two thinking that I would sell the ones in Calgary.  That was, until Jeanie, my sis-in-law, expressed her love of Oprah, and since it was her birthday (a number I best not disclose here) I figured why not see both shows.

Oprah was brave to come to Edmonton in the middle of winter.  On the evening of her show it was a frigid -37C. The host gave her a painting illustrating Edmonton’s lush green river valley (as it would appear in the summer) which was a stark contrast to her current view of the frozen tundra from her room at the Hotel MacDonald.  She laughed as she wondered aloud why she would think coming here in January was a good idea!  Laughter and applause were abundant throughout her 2 hours on stage.  The last half hour of which she was joined by George Stroumbolopoulos for a Question and Answer period.

Oprah is a talented speaker and she spoke with eloquence and humour.  She recounted her life’s journey from near poverty in Mississippi to her present day Network ownership (with a billionaire status) of OWN.  We all have a purpose she said and “Purpose was really Spirit seeking expression” and that it was not a goal or something that we created but that it was something we would discover.  She said it was “the defining thread that connected all the experiences of our life” and once we had discovered this thread we were to use it in service to others.  Oh, I loved that statement.

Oprah could have been a comedian as she cracked up the audience with her many anecdotes.  One example was when she told us about one of the last times she ever flew commercial.  When visiting the airport washroom she began to notice feet outside her stall, then a few more and finally a small horde of women, standing outside her bathroom stall, all waiting for her to tinkle. I wouldn’t fly commercial after that either.  She also described a telephone call she had received from Steven Spielberg, while at a fat farm (or health retreat, wink wink), desperately trying to lose 50 lbs in 2 weeks.  She had auditioned for a role in The Color Purple and was sure that her weight would keep the part from her.  She had been running around the track in the rain, listening to her thighs slap together, praying and crying that if she couldn’t have that part – that she be able to let the obsession with it go, so that she could find peace.  She surrendered it up and that is when the call came through.  Mr. Spielberg informed her that, if she so much as lost a pound, she could lose the role.  Off to Dairy Queen she ran.  The audience roared.  They clearly loved her.

She told us of the two defining moments in her career that helped shape its future direction.  One of them being the time she attempted to bring some KKK clan members on her television show, which was live at the time, in an effort to figure them out, when in fact she realized to her horror that she had instead, given them a platform.  The other moment occurred when she had a husband, wife and his mistress on the show.  The husband disclosed to his wife, on air, that his mistress was pregnant.  Oprah saw the devastation on the woman’s face and knew that she was done with such sensationalism.  She changed the direction of future shows to bring positive messages to her viewers and became a phenomenal force for inspirational change and personal growth.

Her topic was the same for both nights but she delivered her message in a way that was personal to each audience.  She is a charismatic speaker and I found myself listening intently.  She spoke of how “Life comes in a whisper first.” One must listen to their gut and trust that little voice in their head.  “Your beliefs are the lenses through which you see the world.” “You become what you believe.”  “What you put out is always coming back.”  “Do all that you can do and then let it go.”  She had many gems like that.  And she would use her personal experiences to explain them.  It was an interesting, inspirational and entertaining evening.  I will end this post with something that Oprah said, of course, and that is, “Gratitude is the single force that can change your energy from a negative to a positive”.  I have always believed this to be true in my own life.  Feeling sorry for oneself does not move you forward.  Spending those two evenings with Oprah was memorable and I am especially grateful to have been able to share the experience with my dear friend, Dianne and my lovely sis-in-law, Jeanie. Thank you!!

Glee, Pass the Tissue

Writing about Glee was not my planned post for tonight.

I watched Glee, a high school musical drama, for the first few seasons and really enjoyed the quirky episodes about the glee club at McKinley High.  Finn (played by Cory Monteith) was a key character, a football quarterback, who joined the glee club and would stick up for the rest of the misfits in glee and eventually fall in love with Rachel (played by Lea Michele).  Their love was genuine, however, as Cory and Lea became boyfriend and girlfriend.

Unfortunately, Cory Monteith died of an accidental overdose in real life and the cast including Lea Michele had to deal with real grief during this particular episode. Tonight Finn would be mourned.

It was so sad. Watching it was hard. I think what affected me the most was the scene where Finn’s mother breaks down as she talks about getting the call and sobs, “how do they wake up every day, how do they breath…you have to keep on being a parent even though you don’t have a child anymore”.
The ‘they’ she is referring to here are the parents, the mothers, the fathers, her. Whoa, that was gut-wrenching.

I am a mother. I felt that. The raw emotion of losing someone you love. There are mothers out there, (some, friends of mine) who have lost their sons or daughters either tragically or through illness and how they get through each day is a testament to their strength.  Without forward motion towards healing the memories would be lost in the pain.

I pray I never have to personally experience this.

It’s Not The Food’s Fault

I absolutely hate paisley prints and yet that is where my life is headed if I don’t drop some weight.  The designers are cruel when it comes to larger women’s styles and as skinny models fight over an M&M, my clothes keep getting tighter.

January is the month of the Do-Over.   Diet fads are in full swing and gyms are at maximum capacity.  As stated in my previous post if I were to lose 2lbs a month for a total of 24lbs in the year I’d be a happy camper.  Let’s be clear that is my minimum goal.  In reality, I would love to double that.

Give up bread,

Sugar is bad,

Eat low-fat,

Cut out carbs,

Quit gluten,

Eat raw and

Consume no ALCOHOL!  OK, this last one is just craziness!

These are common refrains heard by those of us that need to lose weight.

But hey, it’s not the food’s fault.  No- it’s all mine.  A teaspoon of sugar didn’t get me this way; I simply Eat too much and Do too little.  I enjoy the taste, the smell and the comfort of food.  Ahhh…is that heavenly scent a cinnamon bun?

Simple remedy… Eat less and do more.

Sounds easy, but here’s the problem- I’m lazy.  I don’t like to exercise.  It makes me sweat and it hurts.  It doesn’t help that all of my passions involve sitting down.  It’s hard to write and run at the same time.  Reading a good book requires a comfortable chair with one’s feet curled up beneath them.  Only difference now is -I need a bigger chair.

As I get a little older (never mind how old) I notice that the weight doesn’t fall off, NO- it just falls down…to my ass, where it hangs on for dear life.

So whether I like it or not, I have to get off my chair and get my butt moving.  The Nike commercial rings through my ears ‘Just Do It’.  Cue the Checkmark.

I head over to my weights, blow off the dust and do a short set, but-  there is another reason I have to start moving.  A couple of co-workers have talked me into signing up for 2x a week exercise classes.

And these aren’t just regular co-workers, no they are the dreaded boot camp lovers- what the hell have I done…

Muscular Strength and Endurance, neither of which do I have, is the name of the class.  The main thing I will have to endure is the sideways smirk of all the fit, sculpted people, bouncing around like rabbits; while I attempt to follow their movements with sloth-like precision.  Here’s hoping I can lift my arms up without having them wave 3 minutes after I’ve put them down.


Can I go from this

workout result-1

to this???? haha.

It’s all good- because even if I only lose 24lbs this year- that is still 24lbs that have kissed my ass good-bye and I’ll take that.

2013, I Am Ready…

Here we go 2013!

New Year’s Eve is one of two days of the year that I use to examine the goals I’ve made for myself, the other day being my birthday.  Instead of making New Year’s Resolutions I like to think of it as planning my ‘life renovations’.  I am in a constant state of renovation.  This year I wrote down my desired renos as goals completed and tied them into a scroll.  I’ve put them out to the universe, so now, if it doesn’t work out- I’ll blame it on the universe. Haha. Kidding Universe, don’t want to piss off karma.  In a year’s time I will unroll the scroll and see if I have achieved any of the proposed outcomes.

One resolution that I made when I started this blog was to write a post every week.  Well that has obviously not happened.  Instead of beating myself up about it I have modified that resolution to once a month.  12 times a year seems very doable to me.  As for weight loss, yikes I have had to modify that one as well.  I’m going for 24 lbs in the next year.  Again 2 lbs/mo is very doable.

Besides making resolutions (or planning your Life’s renovations) New Year’s Eve is a time for reflection.  I reflect on 2012 with a smile. It was good year for me with the occasional blip:

  • I had a car accident, with no major damage or injuries.
  • I dropped my cellphone into the toilet, the bag of rice trick did not work, but I got it replaced at no extra cost to me. Whew!
  • I had root canal which got infected on my vacation, requiring my cheek to be lanced and freezing didn’t work.  Ouch!

Great memories definitely outshone the negative for 2012 and for that I am thankful. I had lots of adventures with good friends and family.  The most recent was in October to Phoenix, Arizona for the state fair.  I went with two co-workers and we used a VRBO condo which worked out perfectly.  The weather was sunny and hot, although for Phoenix residents they felt it had cooled down considerably.  85-90F is as lot cooler than 110F but it was hot enough for us.


A car is a must for Phoenix, our condo was rather isolated and although taxis can be expensive, it was the most practical for our short visit.


We enjoyed the weather, the shopping and the rugged mountainous terrain.  And the heat, talk about hot desert sun…but the sky was so blue.

Phoenix2 Arizona

cacti Palm trees Phoneix flowers

One of the highlights was attending the Arizona State Fair.

Cotton Candy

My inner child screamed for candy floss, otherwise known as Cotton Candy.

AZ state fair

The rides look fun but personally I find them terrifying.  However, the three of us did get on the chair lift that carries you high above the crowds across the fairgrounds.  With nothing to hold you in but a skinny bar I found that my vertigo was indeed intact. Luckily my dear friend Jody was able to keep me from jumping off.  Although just barely.  (We laughed about it later over drinks, lots of drinks.) Yet, I was able to go on the Ferris wheel without a problem.  I think having my feet dangling is what unnerved me.


Ferris Wheel

I went on this.

While in Phoenix we also took in an Adam Lambert Concert.  He put on a fabulous show to an exuberant crowd. OLL AL2

good seats

We had great seats close to the stage.

He played most of the songs from Trespassing, his newest CD, which

debuted at number 1 on Billboard 200.

Adam Lambert Arizona Concert


AL with Ashley, his bass player.

Honey, I think you have a run in those nylons!. lol

I just loved the evenings in Phoenix.  Yes, lots of good memories with some really great co-workers.Phoenix sunset

This past year made me really appreciate those that I work with.  They make going to work something to look forward to.  Even on stressful days there is always a laugh to be had.

I am excited to get started on this new year, 2013.

Already in the works for January:  I have my granddaughter’s 18th birthday to celebrate!  And NO- I am not that OLD, child bride here, remember!  We will do some good old karaoke in a local pub.  (18 is the legal drinking age here in Alberta)

Also a Blue Rodeo concert and OPRAH, hello it’s  OPRAH! She is coming to Edmonton.

Then March sees me travel back for some more adventures in the Mayan Riviera, this time staying in a villa on Akumal Beach to celebrate one of my best friend’s 50th birthday, don’t worry I won’t name you. Yay! So here we go!  I am ready.

Now I Lay me down to Sleep

Sleep is a precious.  Especially precious if you never get any.

I don’t remember the last time that I slept more than 4 hours straight.  On average, I wake up 3x during the night but if I manage to get a solid 4 or 5 hours I am good to go.

Take last night for instance.  I was up til 3 am, way past my usual bedtime of 11-11:30 pm.  I was pooped!  Of course, it didn’t help any that my husband had set the alarm for 4:45 am.

Exactly one hour after my eyes had fluttered shut and I was in the midst of the most delicious dream, seriously, I was dreaming of cake,  he popped his head off the pillow to look at the clock.  I awoke with a start, punched my pillow and settled back down.  Pop, look… wait 5 min..Pop, look… wait 5 min..Pop, look…FOR PETE’S SAKE, THE ALARM IS SET.  GO BACK TO SLEEP OR GET UP!

Of course, I had only screamed this out loud in my head, I was too tired to actually verbalize anything that made sense.  I felt his head turn to me, he nudged me and said,

“Hey are you working today?”  “Arrggghh, No.”  “Oh that’s right, you don’t go back til Thursday.”

He burrowed back down into the covers and was asleep, noted by soft snoring, in seconds.  I sat up, looked over at my sleeping husband and glanced at the clock.  4:40 am.  I flopped back down, readjusted the covers, punched the pillow and closed my eyes to wait for the alarm to go off.  It did.  He quietly got up and headed out the door forgetting that he had only hit snooze.  The alarm blared again, I smacked it off and managed to get a few more hours of sleep.  I was up by 8.  I felt exhausted but couldn’t sleep.

I have sleep apnea and I sleep with a CPAP machine.  That’s short for Constant Positive Airway Pressure.  It’s a fact and NO it’s really not that sexy.  Without the CPAP, my snoring can bring down the house.  I have always snored.  Even when I was skinny (we were all skinny once) I could be heard from the next room.  Eventually my husband would have to sleep in the basement with the door closed and a pillow over his head or earplugs to block out my echoing snores.

Unfortunately, I started to develop all of the health problems that goes along with apnea and hypopnea (low blood oxygen). Weight gain, high blood pressure, morning headache, daytime sleepiness, dry mouth, arrythmias and a racing heart.  I would stop breathing, the heart would race to send oxygen to my brain and then I would awaken with a gasp, choking for breath and a tight chest (from lung spasm and hyperventalation).  At its worst it would happen hourly.  I literally had to sleep sitting up.  I had mentioned to doctors that I thought I had apnea but they told me I didn’t really fit the profile.  Not a Man.

Finally, one night an episode sent me to the emergency room. I was having trouble breathing and my heart was fast and irregular.   Once the tests came back, the ER Doc leaned over me and said, “we think you have a sleep disorder.”  No kidding.

On the night I was tested, I thought I had slept well but apparently had stop breathing ~45 times/hour so I was diagnosed with severe apnea.  (There are way worse cases than mine)

I bought an automated CPAP, which was covered through work by my supplementary health insurance.  This was fortunate since they are expensive (mine was $2100.00 Cdn).  The CPAP works by pushing room air into the nose at a low pressure, initially, so that one can fall asleep.  When breathing stops it ramps up the pressure to maintain an open airway.  It is attached to an adjustable humidifier as well, so the nostrils will not dry out, as can be the case with older models.


It is my new best friend and travels with me everywhere.  I adjusted to it rather quickly and find that I feel more awake and have tons more energy during the day.  I even gave up drinking my usual 4 to 5 cups of coffee a day which, I used to need to keep awake.   In fact, I have cut out caffeinated coffee and tea completely.    Granted, it isn’t the sexiest piece of equipment but it sure beats the hell out of gasping for air.  I think it could even scare off an intruder.

The best part is that I don’t snore as long as I wear it.  That makes my husband happy and he no longer has to sleep in the basement.  Now, if I could just get him to wear one.

It’s that time of year.

It’s Halloween.  Yesterday my husband spent hours raking leaves and clearing away dead foliage preparing for winter.  So far, the weather has been sunny and warm..but it’s coming…. oh yes it is.  Oh Winter- scraping icy windshields, shoveling snow and maneuvering snowdrifted roads. Yep, it’s coming. 

My favorite thing about winter is that we go somewhere warm.  Two glorious weeks spent on a sandy beach, somewhere warm.  Ahhhh, nothing like a cold beer in the hand and the sound of surf.  Did I mention somewhere warm?  You get the picture.  Part of the fun is finding that place in the sun.  Every year we, which really means I, sort through different beach destinations such as Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic.  Since the husband is not an adventurous diner we stay at All-Inclusives that are close to towns and then use the resort as a base to travel around and explore the local areas. 

Last year we went to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.  They are famous for powder soft, bleached-white beaches and the resort we stayed at did not disappoint.  On one especially hot and humid aftenoon, we took a long walk down the beach and came to a outdoor bar/restaurant called the Tiki.  We decided to stop for a Presidente, their national beer.  We grabbed our beers and sat at a small table to watch the surf wash up on the beach.  It was getting to be late afternoon and besides the bartender, we were the only ones there.  Of course, it wasn’t long before I needed the bano so off I went. 

The bathroom, which was located in a smaller building adjacent to the bar, had two stalls, which were enclosed in a slightly larger room that also had a locking door.  I closed that door, my first mistake.  The second mistake was entering the first tiny, dingy stall-overflowing, blecck!  The third was trying to turn on the taps to wash my hands. Only a trickle, thank god for hand sanitizer.  Then, I reached for the door handle (with two fingers) and watched as the handle just spun around. Crap!  Trapped! 

Suddenly, the bathroom walls seemed to squeeze in on me.  I pounded on the door and yelled at the top of my lungs, but with the loud outdoor music my frantic calls went unanswered. Surely someone would be coming- then I remembered that the only one sitting at the bar was my husband. Sweat beaded on my forehead.  Its true what they say, the senses become more acute in times of stress… at least my sense of smell did!  With the humidity only emphasizing the stale urine and deodorizer, I started to gag.   I looked around and noticed that there was a shuttered window above the sink. It had a tiny latch.  Hmmm…  I reached up and pried the rusty hinge open. The shutters flung to the outside.  Thankfully it was a double shutter, large enough to fit my near 6ft frame.  I hopped up on the sink, (made of sturdy cement) hoisted myself out the window and dropped down into an alley.  I made my way back around to the front of the bar.  My husband looked at me with a puzzled expression and asked me what had took so long!  seriously???  We had a good laugh later.    

So one thing I will add to my travel to-do list for this year is- note possible escape routes prior to bathroom use!!

Hmm… Roatan, Honduras looks good.