Glee, Pass the Tissue

Writing about Glee was not my planned post for tonight.

I watched Glee, a high school musical drama, for the first few seasons and really enjoyed the quirky episodes about the glee club at McKinley High.  Finn (played by Cory Monteith) was a key character, a football quarterback, who joined the glee club and would stick up for the rest of the misfits in glee and eventually fall in love with Rachel (played by Lea Michele).  Their love was genuine, however, as Cory and Lea became boyfriend and girlfriend.

Unfortunately, Cory Monteith died of an accidental overdose in real life and the cast including Lea Michele had to deal with real grief during this particular episode. Tonight Finn would be mourned.

It was so sad. Watching it was hard. I think what affected me the most was the scene where Finn’s mother breaks down as she talks about getting the call and sobs, “how do they wake up every day, how do they breath…you have to keep on being a parent even though you don’t have a child anymore”.
The ‘they’ she is referring to here are the parents, the mothers, the fathers, her. Whoa, that was gut-wrenching.

I am a mother. I felt that. The raw emotion of losing someone you love. There are mothers out there, (some, friends of mine) who have lost their sons or daughters either tragically or through illness and how they get through each day is a testament to their strength.  Without forward motion towards healing the memories would be lost in the pain.

I pray I never have to personally experience this.

Bye Bye Birdie

Today I had frost on my windshield and I looked back on the past few months, with a wistful longing.

These Canada geese return each year to nest and raise their goslings in our backyard.  I think they are pretty amazing to watch.  They mate for life as a rule but will take a new mate if one dies and they can live up to 30 years, forming strong family bonds. The gander and goose take turns standing guard while the others feed off of green grasses and grains.  They are primarily herbivores.

I try to remind my husband of this as he grabs a shovel and bucket to clean up after them.  I’d venture to say he isn’t as impressed with them as I am.


We watch as individual personalities develop.  The goslings always seem to have one rebel in the bunch.

The ducks get along well with the geese and don’t seem to mind sharing the same grassy knoll.


These Pelicans were just passing through however.DSCF2560


This year a Robin decided to use our outdoor speaker as a ledge for its very messy nest. The robinettes (what does one call baby robins) are visible as they await feeding time.


We have a couple of rabbits that also call our yard home.



The colours of autumn and the crisp morning air prompt flocks of geese to prepare for a long migratory flight south.


It’s not long before they’ve streaked across the sky in their familiar V pattern, leaving us with an empty pond and a lonely sky.  Bye Bye Birdie.


Now, I struggle with what’s ahead.

Goodbye Summer.

Winter don’t rush…last years memories of you are still very fresh!


What about those dogs…an update.

One of my previous posts called ‘The dog whispers…bring me home,’ yielded much interest and I thought an update might be appropriate.

To refresh, on December 29, 2012, Buddy, a yellow Labrador (with a torn ACL in his hind leg) and Maddy, a female English Bulldog, went missing from the Baird’s acreage.  Alas they were never recovered.  What happened to them is still unknown and there as been much speculation as to the possibilities of their wherabouts.  The Baird’s even took the extra step of calling in professional trackers and hunters but to no avail, although it was determined that coyotes attacking the dogs was highly unlikely.  Equally doubtful was for them to have just run off, since the bulldog never liked to travel far from the front door and Buddy’s torn ACL was too painful to allow for long walks anywhere.

It is my feeling that these two adorable pets were picked up by someone and it’s my hope that they are at least being treated well wherever they are.

The heartbreak of losing a pet can be like losing a member of the family.  You go through all of the emotions of denial, anger, depression and finally acceptance but you never forget them.

The Baird family did everything they possibly could to try and find their dogs and although they have been unsuccessful in bringing them home, so far; something positive has come from their experience.  On June 15th, of this past year, they organized a Missing Mutts Awareness Day in honour of their missing dogs, Buddy and Maddy.  The intent of this event was to promote awareness of where to go and who to contact if a lost or stray dog is found.  It was also a means to bring attention to hundreds of other families that have lost or stolen dogs.

There was an agility event, expert dog clinics, groomers, dog vendors, and behaviorists, as well as, several rescue agencies where you could meet adoptable dogs.  There was also a fun all-breed dog show.

The weather was threatening to rain most of the day but that didn’t hold back these diehard dog lovers.  In fact, the event was so successful that Carmel Baird is even thinking of making it an annual event.  (check back on their website for updates on that.)



I thought long and hard about adopting this little guy but we travel too much to take on the responsibility.  He was just so soft and cuddly that he was almost impossible to resist.  I think about getting a dog every month, however, I have to be realistic; I don’t have the time required to properly commit to training and exercising a dog right now.

Someday… someday I will hear those little pads tapping on my floor as they make their way to jump on my bed for a snuggle.