Vacation, vacation, vacation!

Yay!  Our winter vacation is booked.  We finally decided on Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  We just couldn’t pass up the superb flight times.   We fly from Edmonton at 10AM and will be making our way through the Cancun airport by 4PM.  Other destinations from here require early morning flights, as well as, an overnight in Toronto or Montreal, using up two days of precious vacation time.  And I know that after spending an hour shoveling the driveway the other night,

I am ready for some R&R in a warm, sunny destination.

I have been to Playa Del Carmen once before with my best friend, Liz, for her 50th birthday.  We had a blast and formed many lasting memories.  One of which still cracks us both up, well her anyway, when we speak of it. 

Since, Liz was excited to swim with the dolphins we embarked on an all-day excursion to Xel-Ha.  Xel-Ha is an eco-park where you can snorkel, swim with dolphins, manatees or just explore the meandering paths.  There is also a lazy river to float on. 

The most popular attraction was the Dolphin swimming encounter.  We did it and it was cool but I have to admit I was bothered by their captivity, such fascinating creatures, but they did seem well looked after. 


Following that and a few refreshments we headed off to the lazy river.    Our valuables were locked up in a compartment for safe keeping and we donned life jackets.  The idea was to drift on an inner tube, guided by gentle currents through fresh spring waters and exotic mangroves, the kilometer back to our starting point.  Sounded wonderful.

We could choose either a single tube or a tandem one.  We went with the tandem.

I was to get in first, well, as I have mentioned in my previous post I am a woman of substantial height, and not exactly a lightweight either, especially compared to my featherweight friend.

The tube, sitting on a small sloped dock, seemed slimy and a little slippery; the petite Mexican woman, who was aiding us, assured me that she would hold it while I got on. (let me just say, that I was wearing my new blue sunglasses and a smashing new blue sunhat).  As she held on to one side, I positioned myself over the hole in the tube and eased my butt down. 

Whooshh!!  The tube slipped from her grip flipping me backwards over the dock with my butt firmly entrenched in the middle of the tube.  I did a complete underwater summersault,  with tube attached and then bobbed up with my sunglasses still on.  My hat, however, was floating down the river. A gallant Mexican worker jumped in to retrieve it and laughed heartily as he handed it over to me.

As I sputtered in disbelief, Liz and the young Mexican woman were also doubled over in laughter.  Yeah,  I’m sure it must have looked hil-ar-ious. 

Anyway, since I was already in the water, Liz decided to just climb up on her side of the tube.  I started to paddle my hands in the river to move us along but noticed that we were going in circles.  I glanced over at Liz and saw that she wasn’t helping, not because she wouldn’t…but she couldn’t.  My heavier side had suspended her out of the water so that only her toes were in the river, and only if she stretched out could her fingertips brush the water’s surface.   I was on my own for the paddling. 

I pointed towards shore and commented to Liz that we seemed to be gathering spectators and they were taking photos!  We laughed that whole kilometer back or rather Liz did as I had to use all my energy for paddling in a straight line.

One thing I know for sure, on this trip there will be no floating down any lazy river.  Unless it involves a boat and cocktails! 

Surely these things don’t just happen to me; what kind of crazy things have happened to you whilst on vacation?

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